1: Question - How to verify an Imei?

Answer - Please check this link - http://s15.postimg.org/dbmyzz5m3/verify.png

2: Question – How to submit a ticket?

Answer - Check this link - http://s30.postimg.org/3n14fp4o1/submit_ticket.gif

3: Question –How much time, a verify imei will take for reply?

Answer - To verify an imei, it takes 2-4 workings days.

4: Question - My Iphone Not Unlock Or Code Not Working What Can I Do?

Answer - When we unlock an Imei and you think, it’s not unlocked or code is not working. Then this verify option comes into play. Just click on verify option (Make Veido Proof of Code Not Working and Upload in Youtube us Provide Us link or Need gsx report for Iphone verify imei) . Please note that you can do it within 5 days since the code was replied as after 5 days we’ll not be able to verify imei from source. So, its mandatory that must use verify option within 5 days since your order was completed.

5: Question – How can I cancel my order?

Answer – Once an order has been placed, you can cancel your order within 30 minutes since you placed the order. It can be done from your account. Please check link - http://s24.postimg.org/3rvqflnd1/cancel.gif

6: Question – Wrong Network Or Invalid Imei Or Replaced Imei Oder Or Wrong Model ?

Answer – We do not support wrong network, invaild Imei Or replaced Imei Or Wrong Model in any unlocking or code service ( Strictly No Refund )

7: Question - What if order placed in wrong network?

Answer – If your Imei becomes In Process then nothing can be done in terms of cancelling an order. But if your imei will be In Waiting For action than you can cancel your order Your Self
NOTE: It’s better to make sure before placing an order that Imei is locked to the same Network for which you’re going to place an order.

8: Question – How to get Vip or Reseller prices?

Answer – You can get VIP or Reseller prices, if you’ve Imeis in large number of quantity or in bulk quantity.

9: Question – How can we check in which service, which types of Imeis are supported?

Answer – While placing an order, when you select a service, there you can check service details describing every detail about that particular service. Check this Link - http://s27.postimg.org/o8mtrywib/service_detials.gif

10: Question - How to add credits in my account?

Answer - Go to your account; choose Add Fund option Check this Link - http://s4.postimg.org/df9rm8mgd/add_fund_option.gif
After that choose Payment Option Check This Link - http://s27.postimg.org/9c1s71j4j/cho...ent_option.gif

11 : How to add fund by MASS payment option ?

Answer - Click on add funds option > Mass Payment > Enter Ammount > Create paypal mass pay file > Uplode file In paypal mass payment > Paste transaction > Enter (Credit Auto Add In Your Account) For help see this image

1 https://s14.postimg.org/zahmxvmcx/ma...at_9_11_59.png

2 https://s21.postimg.org/xxg6kku6v/ma...9_12_15_PM.png

3 https://s9.postimg.org/l4je64onz/pay...at_9_12_44.png

4 https://s21.postimg.org/ihd6o3e1j/pa...at_9_20_18.png

5 https://s31.postimg.org/lupfv6w8r/Sc...2_44_30_AM.png

and paste transaction id in mass payment and click submit 
Your funds will be added automatic

6 http://s23.postimg.org/715f9msa3/ent...jcation_id.png


12: Question How to Add fund Gift or Personal Payment Option

Answer - If any client want to send to gift or personal payment please contact us on skype (skype id stan1comm)

13: Question – What if credits are not added in your account?

Answer – In this case, submit a ticket in web site with your PayPal (Unique Transaction ID 6DV03655LF7394352) For more details, check the link http://s30.postimg.org/3n14fp4o1/submit_ticket.gif

14: How Many day warranty of unlock ?

Answer - We have 3 Month Warranty Of Unlock (except World Wide Iphone Unlock Service & Icloud Activation Remove Service). After That We Cant Trace to Supplier . (if Any thing Goes Wrong After 3 Month We cant help You [like - Relocked / Not Unlock])

15: Is Credit Expire ?

Answer - credits do not expire.

16: How We Check Which Service Support Which Type Of Model Or Carrier Or Network ?

Answer - Before Make Order Read Service Description (if you not read and make order & some goes wrong after don't ask for refund) Please Read Service Description all details write in that.

17: How To Check IPhone Locked or Unlocked ?

Anser - Example - Next Tether:US Sprint/MVNO CSIM Locked Policy ( It,s Locked From Sprint Usa)
Next Tether:Unlock. (It,s Unlocked)
Next Tether: 2303 Multi-Mode Unlock (It,s Unlocked)

18 : If Locked From Which Network Or Mobile Carrier Provider ?

Answer :- Example - Next Tether:US Sprint/MVNO CSIM Locked Policy ( It,s Locked From Sprint Usa)
You Can Send In GSX Or IPhone Network Finder Service For Check Your Iphone Imei.

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