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Out Of Warranty (No Coverage)
Coverage Status:    Out Of Warranty (No Coverage)
Loaner:    N
* Final Repair coverage is determined at the part level. * GSX indicates that this product is out-of-warranty. If you or the customer believes the product is within its warranty period or covered by an AppleCare Extended Service Agreement, upload a proof of purchase.

Serial Number:   F78PMTA5XXXX
Initial Activation Policy ID:  302
Activation Policy Description:  UK TMobile Orange.
IMEI:  35928506577XXXX
Applied Activation Policy ID:  302
Part Description:  iPhone 6
Applied Activation Policy Description:  UK TMobile Orange.
Product Version:  10.3.1
Next Tether Policy ID:  302
Last Restore Date: 
Next Tether Activation Policy Description:  UK TMobile Orange.
Bluetooth MAC Address: 
First Unbrick Date:  06/13/15
Last Unbrick Date: 

Unlocked:  false

Unlock Date: 

Case Created: 04/21/16
1091529675 - Will Not Power On/Charging
Case Created: 04/21/16
1094940454 - Operating system does not respond
Case Created: 04/20/16
1094858518 - Stuck on Apple Logo

Replacement Details
Serial #    IMEI #    Type    Replacement Date
FNMT64CVXXXX    35539907820XXXX    Active    03/10/17
FNMR408TXXXX    35540407308XXXX    Replaced    03/08/16
F78PMTA5XXXX    35928506577XXXX    Original    03/08/16

Price : $0.9USD
Delivery Time : 24-48 Hours

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