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  • Fraud And Unpaid / Blocked and Stolen/Lost status removal service for Verizon all phone models
  • If the device has Unpaid status this will not be removed in this service
  • Information: This service will clean any Verizon device,NOT UNLOCK.
  • This service is especially used for Verizon users needing to activate there device on Verizon again due to purchasing the device third-party as a lost/stolen device or to be activated on Page Plus for example.  
  • This is NOT designed for cleaning FOR GSM usage on USA or overseas, but customers have been reporting it working after 1-2 weeks after we complete the cleaning (Other carriers take time to update their database).
  • Be cautious we are not doing refunds for that case. We are selling it for immediate Verizon Service.
  • After Complete you Can check your Device on THis link -
  • Service works ONLY on working days. Weekends and holidays are not included.
  • THIS service only have 10 days for verify. if over 10 days no verify no refund.
  • Please Read All Teams & Condition On This Link -
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